Friday, March 5, 2010

okay so another thing I started and didn't really finish..

A few weeks ago I was with a group of ladies and we were all asked one question, "Do you have a hobby, if so what is it?" As everyone took a turn telling their hobbies I sat their and thought and thought and thought. Desperately trying to come up with something that sounded great and thinking of how I would love to have a hobby.. So basically I shared this " I do not have a real hobby, Just ask my husband he will tell you in a heart beat, that when I think something will be fun I go out and buy all the stuff to start my new found hobby, I then work on it for a few days if even that and it ends up in a basket or box in the top of our closet. I have wanted to make hair bows, I have wanted to make a quilt, a rice bag, be a body shop consultant (in case you are wondering this is a skin care line), I have wanted to scrap book, I have wanted to make cakes and decorate them, and I sure there are many other things I have wanted to do but fail miserably." I said this with some sarcasm and it was sort of funny, but really I could not come up with a "hobby" Could I really not have a true hobby? One of my friends was sitting right next to me and said "oh you cook now." I replied I do Blog and cook some now but I have not been doing so great on that either.. but oh I do love to coupon!"
So maybe Couponing can be my blog, maybe I can come up with one recipe a week or every other week that you may find interesting from the food I bought using coupons and saving lots of money buying things only on sale (I will buy things w/o a coupon if and only if we really do need it or if it is a good deal already) The thought of cooking every recipe from Julie Child is very over whelming so I thought it could be fun to cook your recipe's that you give me, but really if I do not already have those things I have to go buy them and lets be honest it just is not practical to spend a ton of money on one meal that you have to cook your self.
In the end I have realized that I love the fact that so many of my friends have great hobby's that really make them who they are.. I guess I would like to think that I have my own unique hobby as well. And maybe do and do not realize it! But right now I am blogging and couponing call it a hobby or not, I do not care, as Long as I still have all of my crafty friends who totally support and love the fact that I am saving tons of money, and a few of them like to compare their savings with mine which is pretty fun!

Oh And A Couponing tip I have learned from another Couponer... DO NOT CUT OUT YOUR COUPONS UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO USE THEM, I REPEAT DO NOT CUT THEM OUT!!
Instead write on the top left corner of the booklets/adds the date that they were in the paper, and file them in an accordion file by weeks, so you can find them easier when Jenny from southernsavers tells you which week and booklet you can find a certain coupon in! Believe me this will save you so much time


  1. Oh And be sure to pick up a paper this Sunday March 7th.. There will be some great coupons in there and you so not want to miss out! I will be heading to get a few extra after church!!

  2. My sister Ariel sent this to me in a message b/c she could not post on here for some reason!

    Ariel Russell March 5 at 8:15pm
    Remember the toule skirts we made a few of. I guess you have tons of that stuff in a box in your closet. At least you don't have too many hobbies. Also, just because you don't do something everyday. A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation , often in one's spare time. How much spare time have you had? Most hobbies require space to work on them. With 2 small tots running around, your hobby would either; require its own space, or it would have to be something easy for you to get out and put back up. So for now blogging, cuponing, and bow making... makes since (in your spare time). Get the ribbon out and make some bows.

  3. I replied to Ariel:

    Oh Ariel! I miss you! thanks for the encouraging words!! And the toule skirts, well I forgot about those b/c they are not in my closet they are with the gift bags and stuff. B/c I am hoping I can fine use for the toule in that area!

  4. I try not to let my hobbies define me, thank you. However, if you come over, you'll find a box of paints, because I wanted to paint, tons of cake decorating stuff because I like to do that sometimes, decoupage, fabric scraps, too much ribbon, buttons upon buttons, an embroidery machine with stuff piled around it, and the list goes on. I do have hobbies, I like to sew (when I feel like it), I like to read (when I feel like it) and I like to clean floors (oh, wait...never mind). So, I may have hobbies that I'm known for but that's not saying much. I think you are alot like me and you do need a sewing machine and all those other things that you want to try, but once you've tried them or are tired of them, they are still there for you to use when you want to. :)

  5. also...that Ariel girl, she's pretty much right!

  6. Aimee! Your Hobbies do not define you but they are apart of who you are... You are creative, talanted, smart, and thrifty! I Love It! Then there is that other part of you that does not include your "hobbies" that I am getting to know, and I love that Part of You as Well! Sorry If I came across the wrong way! By the way have you felt like sewing lately!! Haha!! just whenever you get around to it!

  7. I agree with Ariel. Besides, I have many interests only when I feel well! My latest desire is to become passionate about life in general and become the woman God created me to be. I am finding my way and getting closer every day. :-) I think you hit on something when you realized that couponing and seeing how much money you can save, writing your blog with family tips and recipes, etc. may be your hobby because that is what you ENJOY. And, oh yeah, running a household and training up your children in the Lord. Do all you do as unto the Lord with joy. We are created in His fascinating image and He is NOT the boring God we have portrayed in the man made formula of religion. So...LIFE, every day life can become a hobby! You are forever inventing little ways of brightening up the days of people you know and meet. Oh my gosh, I need to go to bed. I know I let my typing get away with me! Much Love to you!


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