Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Girls Day

Ansley and I had a very Great "Girls Day" this past Saturday! She had a birthday party to go to that was at the Creative Discovery Museum.. Usually we go here as a family but this time it was just Ansley and I. She played and played and played! She made a crown at the party, then a paper kite in the museums craft center.. There is a ton to do at the museum but b/c it was a crowded weekend we decided to bypass most everything and head up stairs.. If you have little kids and like the discovery museum then I suggest you head over there. (check their hours before you go) I am not sure when the "healthy eating" exhibit will be over but my kids love this part. And I know they will be greatly disappointed when it is gone. It makes any little pretend kitchen look like nothing. They have a pretend garden and vegetable stand as well. After we played here a while we went out side to the roof top and Ansley played with some simple machines and bubbles! To end our day at the museum we went to the reading room, sat down and read some stories... But we couldn't let the fun stop there.
We walked to Ben and Jerry's grabbed an ice cream cone to share, stopped and talked to the horses, and went to visit some amazing penguins at the aquarium! Needless to say the poor girl passed out on the way home!

Oh and Check out these Monkies!


  1. This is awesome, and just like Lisa, you write beautifully. Drew would frown on the healthy eating Btw, tell Ansley to keep dancing so she'll be ready to perform when she arrives on the scene at WES.

  2. She's still so little to be so big. I've missed her this weekend. We love CDM and need to renew our membership soon. Those PJ's are too cute!

  3. Thanks Conny! I do love to write and I am glad I am finally putting it to some good use! Hey and if you get a chance check out the other blog I follow, On The Lap, it is a great blog! And You may could give me some ideas on books for Drew's age! Also I will tell Ansley!
    And Aimee, I totally agree she is so little to be so big! SHe has missed you, your family and Jenny and Jenny's family this weekend as well! Renew that Membership I plan on taking trips there often this summer!

  4. Hey,
    The pictures were great! Sounds as though you had a fun and full girl's day. That's why most 47 year old women don't have babies. But I did care for Emma today and I read two and a half books to her! She actually listens and loves watching the pages turn!
    Conny, thanks, but I don't think I write so beautifully. I do have ideas for a new "book" project...

  5. Your family is so adorable! Stopping by from SITS to say hello and hope to get to know you! I am following you now! Come by my place if you get a chance. I have great recipes for the family and you and hubby! :)
    XOXO Jessica


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