Saturday, October 2, 2010


Often times some one will see Ansley and Justus then say, Oh they are so cute, or They are so Funny, I Just Love Your Kids! And my reply has always been, Thanks, they are so Rotten, or They are a Mess.
However.. Just last week some one told me How adorable they are. And as I started to reply, My mind was thinking Oh they are a mess, but my heart and my mouth was saying "Thanks, they are Awesome!"
You see, God gave us our kids and they are his children too! The kids do drive me crazy sometimes (for example right now, they are dragging everything out that they shouldn't be and find it extremely funny!) but still they are just so awesome!
I am going to try to make it a habit from now on, when someone compliments me on the kids I will have something positive to say in return!
I really do love these two Beautiful, Awesome, Silly kids of Mine, and I thank God everyday for giving them to me!