Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Thought.....

Just a quick thought: Always make sure you take time out of your busy life for your self... If your life is not busy find some one that has a busy life and help them out! If you keep going and do not slow down, you will eventually just tire out and crash..

Reason for this thought: I went and had coffee with my Sister Lisa today it was nice and enjoyable. Then Dustin went and saw a movie tonight (by him self.. pretty nice huh?)
Then this evening I sat down and talked to my Sister Ariel about whatever comes to mind.. Dustin put the kids to bed and is home with them!! (Thanks Honey)


A friend recently reminded me how a routine was a necessity. I have never been a routine type person.. Ask anyone who has known me for a long time. They will tell you that I am never on time, I wait until I am "non-functioning" before I go to bed, I wait until last minute to get ready, some days I skip meals and so on.. To Put It Bluntly I have just Always hated a schedule.

That is until Sunday Night/Monday Morning. We had a very unscheduled day on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night she would not go to bed until (well Monday morning) sometime after 1:30 AM. I finally fell asleep around 1:30 AM and she was still laying in bed talking to her self. I was so aggravated and I needed a Plan!

Monday Morning I got her up like she was going to school even though I didn't send her. I really like her teacher to much to send her a child that is going to be crabby and bossy all day. I made her stay up until 1:30 pm (around time she would normally be taking a nap) then she went to her room for a nap. She slept for a few hours. She was then fed dinner and bathed by 7:30 PM. She was in bed and asleep by 7:40!! Today's Result: A very happy toddler that woke up on her own at 7:15 AM, had breakfast, and made it to school on time! We have stuck to this routine today as well! So Far so Good!!

So Mural of the Story.... Routines are good for everyone!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Appreciating Child Hood and Beyond

I say "and Beyond" simply because to this day I do still appreciate a lot of things that are done for me by my parents. So let me tell you the reason for tonight's blog.
Over the past few ( kind of over whelming) days I have really noticed all the things my Mom and Dad (mainly talking about Mom) did for me while growing up. Like making sure my clothes were clean or cooking/fixing my food. (not to mention all the other things that it takes to run a family) While it may be a simple or easy thing to do it is not always the most fun thing to do, It is a lot of work and takes time. I could go over the things that I have done this past week but it would just tire you reading it, plus most of you I am sure have done the same things and more.

But I will tell you the first thing that really made me appreciate Mom was when I fixed Breakfast Sunday Morning. It was not hard fixing it. It was not hard cleaning up but it wasn't fun either. The kicker was afterwards.... The Smell of cooked eggs and crescent rolls... UGH.. Right Away I thought of how much I appreciate when she cooks!
I have to admit I am still pretty spoiled by my parents, They always have enough food so if we want to come over and eat. Not to mention when Mom cooks it is Amazing! And if I need help with something Mom always lends a helping hand.

So when I am at home cleaning and taking care of my kids I always think of how this was once (and sometimes still is) done for me!!

So Thank You MOM and DAD!!!

-Mary Beth
To the Right is My Mom and Dad many years ago!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Some call it Fall and Some call it Autumn. After today I am calling it Autumn... Let me tell you why. Today I went outside to feed our two crazy dogs, Buddy and Harly, and on my way down the porch steps I just got lost in the beauty of the Tree's. I have always loved Autumn it is my favorite time of year. To me it symbolizes a coming of celebrations, Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Years. It feels and smells so good out side and all the Autumn colors are so pretty. So As I was running back up the porch steps Ansley met me at the top. She is interested in everything right now, and her little mind is just working away when we tell her something. I grabbed her down from the porch and took her over to a tree with yellow leaves, and she actually thought that it was neat the the leaf we picked had turned yellow, so then we began our hunt for all different colors of leaves. We got yellow, Reddish Orange, Green , and a dried brown one. She couldn't wait to take them in to show her daddy, then out of nowhere asked "what's this name?" in Ansley's terms she was asking what was the name of whatever was making the leaves turn. When I told her Fall, she repeated it joyfully "All" (She does still have some trouble pronouncing words correctly) then I asked "Do You know what the Fancy name for Fall is?" She looked at me curiously not saying a word and I replied "It is Autumn." She giggled and for the rest of the day she has talked about Autumn. And it is so dang cute when she says it as well!

So there, another reason for me to Love Autumn! Below is Ansley, My little Autumn Girl, back in October 2007. I will get a new picture of both Ansley and Justus very soon!

I thought of this story and decided to blog it when I was reading a book in Psalm this evening. If you are up to it read it, it only takes a few minutes. Psalm 145: 1-21.

If you are somewhere and you do not have a Bible handy you can go to http://www.bible.com/ and go to passage lookup then simply type Psalm 145 and it will bring it right up for you!! Now no excuses!

- Mary Beth

Saturday, October 24, 2009

All About Me!

Hey My Name is Mary Beth, I am Married (and have been married for over 4 years now) to the Most Wonderful Husband in the World (at least he is in my eyes!) we have two awesome and beautiful children together. Ansley who is 2 1/2, very independent, very unpredictable, and very strong willed. Then Justus who is a little over a year old, loves his Mommy, and very determined.
We live in a Great House.. My Husband is ready for a larger one, and me, well not so much, I am not ready to leave this nest yet.. We are making so many great memories here. And I also have thoughts of What if... What if our bedroom is to far away in the next house and we can't here Ansley's feet running down the hall in the middle of the night to come to our room. And what if we have enough room for an office or a play room and we will not be around each other as much, right now the computer is in our living room, the (main) TV is in our living room and the kids play in the living room so we are pretty much always together. Unless of course the kids are in their rooms or I am in the kitchen etc. etc.
Any Way I just really like our home, I love looking at pictures from when it was being built, and then when we were moving our stuff in, and what the rooms looked like before we had our kids, and now.. Well Now it is Awesome. Who would have thought nearly 5 years ago this house would look the way it does today.. It feels like home now! Dustin, my husband, loves it but he has been dreaming of more... And Only God knows when that time is!
Well that is all for now about me, maybe soon I will have something a little more interesting to ramble on about!! For Now I am Saying Good Night!!