Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your Hands with Lyrics JJ Heller

I Love this song, Your Hands, by J.J. Heller, when it come on the radio I turn it up and just start singing! I am sure Ansley will know all the words soon!! (I'm downloading it off itunes so she will hear it often!) Enjoy it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Homemade Book Marks

I have been talking with my friend Aimee, (you know the girl over at "homespun threads" and "on the lap") we are talking about what to include in some up coming give aways over at and one of things mentioned was bookmarks. Then my mind started turning and I wondered if I could come up with a creative way to make a book mark for myself. And here is how I did it! (Excuse the "non-perfectness" I am new at the whole sewing thing and have only had one class! But I think i am doing okay for starters especially since I didn't even know how to thread a sewing machine before now!)

Okay so first dis-assemble a Kleenex box.

see these piece's cut them off they will be your templates and the support of your book mark

now you should have 4 of those and then finish trimming the box up like shown below

use one of the templates to trace out six more. You should have 10 total now

Then trace out the template on some fabric and cut it. Make sure to leave your self enough room to sew it up.
Once you are ready to begin sewing be sure to keep the fabric turned backwards so you can turn it right side in once you are finished, and making sure to not sew the top up!
Once the fabric is sewn up and turned right side in. Insert the cardboard support and fold the fabric into the book mark.
Now you can sew around the whole book mark making sure it is all closed up.

So Here is the finished product! I am sure there is a much easier and neater way to do this but for now I am happy with how it all turned out!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prom Hair, Alterations, Pictures and A Craft!! Really who Knew I could do these things all in one day!

My husbands Cousin, Selena, had her Senior Prom tonight.. She asked me last week if I could do her hair for prom and then some pictures.. Of Course I said yes and I had No idea how I was going to do her hair and the weather was not looking very promising for pretty pictures. Then My Mother In Law needed some help with the dress, I ended up sewing the bottom layer of the dress! (Thanks to some sewing lessons from my friend Aimee @ homespunthreads this was made possible) Then I cut a ton of tulle! To My surprise it all turned out well. I finally got her hair complete and used a new braiding technique I had previously learned from another blog. As we started to head out I realized she had no makeup.. SO of course I fixed that real quickly as well! Then later I took an old picture and frame apart. Spray painted the Frame Black and Covered the cardboard from the picture with some batting and fabric added some ribbon and created a new "picture" frame! My House isn't clean but I do feel accomplished today! SO YAY! Oh and I am about to head over to "on the lap" and post on a children's book. So when you get a chance head over there and become a follower read a few post and stay up to date! PS there are some pretty good giveaways @ on the lap (and you can find a link to that page at the top of this page!) coming up but you need to be a follower to enter!

The Prom Pictures!

The Craft Projects!

* I was about to send this frame and the picture that was in it to the Goodwill and then decided I could use it for something different.. It is not perfect but I like it! Oh and the "button in the middle is a Magnet I pulled off the fridge and covered with the same material..

And this is a Magnet board I also cover in some fabric I had.. I like it much better now than before!