Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your Hands with Lyrics JJ Heller

I Love this song, Your Hands, by J.J. Heller, when it come on the radio I turn it up and just start singing! I am sure Ansley will know all the words soon!! (I'm downloading it off itunes so she will hear it often!) Enjoy it!


  1. Oh, I love this song too. It's so simple and says SO much. I can't remember when I first heard it but it's one that I stopped and really listened too. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks Aimee, I can not remember the first time I heard it either I am sure it was in the car but I just know when I hear it come on the radio it grabs my attention and I just Love it so much.

  3. Good song. I love the photos of hands in the video. They're so sweet. Also, JJ Heller has a pretty voice.


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