Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prom Hair, Alterations, Pictures and A Craft!! Really who Knew I could do these things all in one day!

My husbands Cousin, Selena, had her Senior Prom tonight.. She asked me last week if I could do her hair for prom and then some pictures.. Of Course I said yes and I had No idea how I was going to do her hair and the weather was not looking very promising for pretty pictures. Then My Mother In Law needed some help with the dress, I ended up sewing the bottom layer of the dress! (Thanks to some sewing lessons from my friend Aimee @ homespunthreads this was made possible) Then I cut a ton of tulle! To My surprise it all turned out well. I finally got her hair complete and used a new braiding technique I had previously learned from another blog. As we started to head out I realized she had no makeup.. SO of course I fixed that real quickly as well! Then later I took an old picture and frame apart. Spray painted the Frame Black and Covered the cardboard from the picture with some batting and fabric added some ribbon and created a new "picture" frame! My House isn't clean but I do feel accomplished today! SO YAY! Oh and I am about to head over to "on the lap" and post on a children's book. So when you get a chance head over there and become a follower read a few post and stay up to date! PS there are some pretty good giveaways @ on the lap (and you can find a link to that page at the top of this page!) coming up but you need to be a follower to enter!

The Prom Pictures!

The Craft Projects!

* I was about to send this frame and the picture that was in it to the Goodwill and then decided I could use it for something different.. It is not perfect but I like it! Oh and the "button in the middle is a Magnet I pulled off the fridge and covered with the same material..

And this is a Magnet board I also cover in some fabric I had.. I like it much better now than before!


  1. Why didn't I get any of that talent? Help!

  2. well you know my # when you get in a bind!

  3. You should do a board with that elastic like we saw today. It was cute! I like the fabric on the last one.

  4. All I can say is, "Wow!"

  5. Aimee, I think I still need the link to the board, and Thanks Lisa!


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