The Kiddo's!

I have been slacking lately and not took so many pictures and as you can tell I have not been on here blogging much either.. What have I been doing? Well I started a new "Job" I am still considering myself a SAHM. But I am also now a Scentsy Consultant!! So anyway, here is to me trying to get back on track and Blog a little, keep checking back, you never know what hot deals you may find on here or what the kids may have said or even done during the day that I decide to share!

This was such a hot day and they were not the in the best of moods!! I was actually taking pictures of my brother and his family and decided to snap some candid shots of my two wild buckaroo's as well! Enjoy the facial expressions! Oh and Excuse Justus' poor head, bless his heart he always has a knot, he is so rough and loves running as fast as he can. The only problem with that is the fact that he never watches where he is going.

He is so Serious!

You got to Love this face..


  1. Hey,
    The pictures are great. I don't think Justus would look like himself without a knot on his head so that is just fitting! See you soon (tomorrow)!

  2. I know that the "knots" are just him but if you want me to photo shop it out, I can. :)
    The pictures are beautiful.

  3. If they never happend then I would probably take you up on that offer but I think the knots have became apart of our lives!! Thanks Though!


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