Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Happy Spring Time To You!!"

Spring is here and my little family is bursting with energy!! And the picture above is the kids celebrating the first day of Spring! By having blueberry muffins and cheese omelet's! We sang "Happy Spring Time to You!" to the tune of "Happy Birthday!"

This time last year Justus, our 2 1/2 year old, wasn't quiet ready to go outside a lot. However this Spring he is a brand new kid!! My husband and I can not keep him inside, he wakes up ready to go outside, he wakes up begging for Dustin to get the Lawn Mower out of our building so he can at least sit on it, or to help Dustin build something (our little boy knows how to use a power screw driver), but most mornings he spends time with one of our dogs named Harley!

(Here he is on his Lawn Mower!)

Ansley, who is 4, is the Ultimate Gardener loves heading outdoors to check on her vegetable garden, and grabbing the news paper first thing. Sometimes I will find her rocking out on the front porch enjoying the air and when she is out there rocking she is usually holding our little dog Bella! Today Ansley realized that her Corn she planted was sprouting! She was so excited, and says she can't wait to eat it!

(Ansley working very hard!)

Dustin has built an awesome raised vegetable garden. (If that"s what you want to call it!) Justus helped him do that and Justus is very proud of his work! I think Dustin has found a new hobby, along with planting tree's and flowers, I think he may be really enjoying the new vegetable garden! (we have a few herbs and strawberries as well) The second he gets in from work the kids run to the door ready to greet him. He was home about 2 hours today before he ever made it inside!

(he has actually added a 3rd section to this, I need to get a picture on here!)

As for me, This is the first year I have really gotten my hands dirty! I did try to mow the yard once, but I did it to short.. long story short the grass burnt up from heat and I was told not to mow again! Dustin bought a pair of garden gloves for me about 3 years ago I was pregnant with Justus at that time and never used them... So Justus and Dustin found them out in the building and brought them to me today because I was complaining about the dirt being all in my nails a few days ago... Well they are finally Dirty!!!!

Some other Pictures:
Bella resting after rolling in some dirt!

Such a Big Boy!

Gardening with Daddy!


That's All For Now! Enjoy the weather! Even the Rain!! We NEED it to get rid of some of this pollen!!