Sunday, October 25, 2009


Some call it Fall and Some call it Autumn. After today I am calling it Autumn... Let me tell you why. Today I went outside to feed our two crazy dogs, Buddy and Harly, and on my way down the porch steps I just got lost in the beauty of the Tree's. I have always loved Autumn it is my favorite time of year. To me it symbolizes a coming of celebrations, Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Years. It feels and smells so good out side and all the Autumn colors are so pretty. So As I was running back up the porch steps Ansley met me at the top. She is interested in everything right now, and her little mind is just working away when we tell her something. I grabbed her down from the porch and took her over to a tree with yellow leaves, and she actually thought that it was neat the the leaf we picked had turned yellow, so then we began our hunt for all different colors of leaves. We got yellow, Reddish Orange, Green , and a dried brown one. She couldn't wait to take them in to show her daddy, then out of nowhere asked "what's this name?" in Ansley's terms she was asking what was the name of whatever was making the leaves turn. When I told her Fall, she repeated it joyfully "All" (She does still have some trouble pronouncing words correctly) then I asked "Do You know what the Fancy name for Fall is?" She looked at me curiously not saying a word and I replied "It is Autumn." She giggled and for the rest of the day she has talked about Autumn. And it is so dang cute when she says it as well!

So there, another reason for me to Love Autumn! Below is Ansley, My little Autumn Girl, back in October 2007. I will get a new picture of both Ansley and Justus very soon!

I thought of this story and decided to blog it when I was reading a book in Psalm this evening. If you are up to it read it, it only takes a few minutes. Psalm 145: 1-21.

If you are somewhere and you do not have a Bible handy you can go to and go to passage lookup then simply type Psalm 145 and it will bring it right up for you!! Now no excuses!

- Mary Beth

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  1. I'd want to know "what's this name," also! I have enjoyed the weather so much today. The beautiful leaves are blowing like crazy and the temperature is just right!


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