Saturday, October 24, 2009

All About Me!

Hey My Name is Mary Beth, I am Married (and have been married for over 4 years now) to the Most Wonderful Husband in the World (at least he is in my eyes!) we have two awesome and beautiful children together. Ansley who is 2 1/2, very independent, very unpredictable, and very strong willed. Then Justus who is a little over a year old, loves his Mommy, and very determined.
We live in a Great House.. My Husband is ready for a larger one, and me, well not so much, I am not ready to leave this nest yet.. We are making so many great memories here. And I also have thoughts of What if... What if our bedroom is to far away in the next house and we can't here Ansley's feet running down the hall in the middle of the night to come to our room. And what if we have enough room for an office or a play room and we will not be around each other as much, right now the computer is in our living room, the (main) TV is in our living room and the kids play in the living room so we are pretty much always together. Unless of course the kids are in their rooms or I am in the kitchen etc. etc.
Any Way I just really like our home, I love looking at pictures from when it was being built, and then when we were moving our stuff in, and what the rooms looked like before we had our kids, and now.. Well Now it is Awesome. Who would have thought nearly 5 years ago this house would look the way it does today.. It feels like home now! Dustin, my husband, loves it but he has been dreaming of more... And Only God knows when that time is!
Well that is all for now about me, maybe soon I will have something a little more interesting to ramble on about!! For Now I am Saying Good Night!!


  1. Hey,
    I'm with you. I've never wanted a bigger house than the one we have lived in for 21 years. It's never been all cleaned up at the same time, so I know I could not manage a bigger one!
    I love you house. As your family grows, you might could use more storage or maybe a separate dining area. No hurry, though. Just continue to enjoy it.

  2. I LOVE your house! Trust me, bigger isn't always's more to clean! I love the size and layout and all your little touches. It's precious! You can always add on. My mom and dad did and it made their house twice as nice. :) I really do love it!

  3. Thanks Aimee, I Love your house as Well! And all of your personal touches! I do not want a Huge House but a few bigger things would be nice, for example a bigger Master Bathroom and another room for a study/play room!


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