Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So Tired

I am so tired this evening.. And very thankful that my Mom cooked some very good gnocchi soup tonight! I have been gone all day long.. First I had Justus this morning, then Ansley and Justus both.. Then just Justus again.. but it seemed like the day was not going to end.. I did not make it home until 6:45 this evening and I feel like I have drove all over the world! Tomorrow Morning I have MOMS (Mothers Outreach Ministry) @ Church and I am very excited about a few hours of "grown up" time!
So unfortunately I did not cook anything to day.... :( But tomorrow and Friday are looking very hopeful, Thanks to Summer and Lauren! Thanks Guys!! Oh and Mom gave me a new cook book tonight Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics. There are a few good looking recipe's in there so if I get a chance I may make something out of it on Saturday!

Oh and Lauren, you tell Daniel to share recipe's with me anytime!!


  1. That is the problem with Daniel he does not abide by any recipes. So nothing ever tastes the same twice.Though it is always good. I would follow him around and write things down but he does not like people to be around him when he is cooking.

  2. Mary Beth,
    I am proud of you and very impressed! You'll soon be as good a cook as your mom (or maybe better!):-)


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