Friday, September 17, 2010


Have you ever tried to slow down while singing Jesus Loves Me, and sing it with much more passion? Almost like Amazing Grace. Try it, it is beautiful! Such a simple song and it is awesome. I love singing it to the kids.


  1. This morning in church I thought, "I wish we would sing Amazing Grace." It was almost like I needed to hear it. Then at closing that was what we sang and it touched so many. I just blogged about it too. I said, it's the verse that says "Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come" that I love. Plus, that was what Dr. A preached on...turn to God during trials. I hated I couldn't come tonight but glad that James took the kids. I feel like I'm getting too much on my plate. God's going to have to start shoveling stuff off again, I can't even manage to go get groceries. One morning this week, you need to come over and have coffee with me and just hang out.

  2. I just read this, Coffee sounds great.. You missed Dr.A preaching on priorites and having God first in your life.. I have decided that I am clearing my schedule, putting GOd on it first and then filling the rest of it with all the other things in life.. Seriously, 5:30 AM is waske up and have time with God... And my Sunday and Wednesdays are booked for God!


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