Friday, September 17, 2010

"Mommy, Why are you going to Sing?"

I had to share this one:

Wednesday Night after Church I helped Dustin, my husband, take the kids out to the car. Ansley wanted to ride home with me, and I had to tell her No. She asked why and I replied, "Well Ansley, I have Choir Practice tonight. I am going to go Sing." (this is new for us, I just joined the choir) So my very Clever 3 1/2 year old then said, "Mommy, Why are you going to sing?" Me: "Well, God wants me too." Ansley: "Mommy, God doesn't like to hear You sing, it is Awful." Me: (while trying not to bust out laughing) "Well Pray for me Honey!"

Oh You have to love kids!

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  1. Very funny! I think she just didn't want you to go to choir practice. Singing praises to God is so full of blessing. The enemy literally can't stand it. He trembles at the name of Jesus and flees from our praises to God.
    Make a joyful noise!


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